Pawn to get a loan

There comes a time when people encounter difficulties in their finances. Their inability to settle obligations and to meet the necessities in life forces them to choose from various alternatives to get out of their difficult situation. Securing loans from banks and other financial institutions, borrowing money from friends and associates, and selling properties are some of those alternatives.

However, there is a simple yet faster solution to that problem. If you are one of those who encounter such difficulties, you can go to a pawnshop and pawn any valuable article for an easy and fast loan.

General idea of pawnshops

Pawning or the act of pledging valuable articles in exchange for a loan started in China some 3000 years ago. It was also written in the histories of the Romans and the Greeks that pawning was already practiced during their early days. In the 1400’s, it was said that Queen Isabella of Spain had to pawn her crown and jewelries to support the Genoan-born explorer Christopher Columbus in his expeditions.

In the history of Europe, it was written that pawning was already practiced during the Medieval Era, that is, between the fifth and the fifteenth centuries. Borrowers leave any valuable article with the lender in exchange for money.

At the end of the Second World War, it was estimated that more than a thousand pawnshops operated in Ireland and the British Isles. The number declined during the 70’s because of high bank interest rates. Pawnshops were forced to close because they cannot afford to charge their clients with interests higher than what they pay the banks. However, after several years, the pawnshops were back in business.

Pawning versus bank loan

In securing a bank loan you have to present several references to vouch for your character. Generally, banks accept only collaterals with big value like real estate properties. And in most cases, you will have to employ the services of a legal consultant to interpret the terms and conditions of the loan.

Moreover, most banks charge high interest rates and various services fees that may not be acceptable to you. Furthermore, credit investigation and real property appraisal are a common practice among banks. The long process of approving your loan may compromise your immediate need of money.


In pawning, all you have to do is go to a pawnshop and present the valuable articles you want to pledge. A pawnbroker or clerk will appraise the articles and set the amount you can loan. After filling out the pawn agreement or contract with some personal information, you will immediately get your needed cash.

Pawning versus personal loans

Borrowing money from your friends, relatives, or colleagues is an option in case you immediately need cash. However, they themselves might be in tight financial situation at the time you may need their help. Besides, even if they will be able to help you, they might need their money back in a few days or weeks. But if you go to the pawnshop like the Metropolitan Pawnbroker or the cash4jewelrynow, you will have four months to settle your loan, without bothering other people.

Pawning versus selling properties

Selling properties like real estate, appliances, and personal items may not be that easy for you. Interested buyers of real estate are not always around. If you decide to delegate the disposal of your real estate properties to brokers, it might take a longer period of time to find a buyer. Selling your appliances and personal items may take a shorter period of time but the amount that you will be offered may not be sufficient for your need.

In pawning, immediate cash will be available to you upon completion of the pawn agreement or contract. Likewise, you will still have the right to the ownership of the items you pawned because they are redeemable.

Selecting a pawnshop

Make a thorough research of the pawnshop where you want to pawn your articles. Feedbacks from your friends or relatives who have engaged the services of the pawnshop will be a big help in making your decision. Likewise, there are listings where you can check the background and performance of the pawnshop.

There are many reliable and dependable pawnshops and one of them is the Metropolitan Pawnbroker or cash4jewelrynow.


The Metropolitan Pawnbroker or the cash4jewelrynow is a pawnshop that has been in the business for more than two decades now. Their competent and highly-trained personnel will give you the best appraised values of your articles. The pawnshop offers a low interest rate of three percent per month with up to four months redemption period.

At cash4jewelrynow, you are assured of the best services and the security of your valued articles.

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Funeral Service Considerations: Traditional Vs Cremation

In this life, we are not given the luxury to choose how or when we should die. What we can do is to be ready for what may come. Yes, it is true that we may leave this life in the way that we do not want, but we can always prepare on what we can do with our bodies when the time comes that we need to leave this planet.

Conventionally, most people follow the traditional departing service, which is to bury the body in the ground. Nowadays, however, people are offered the option to cremate their earthly remains. Both have its advantages and disadvantages in many aspects, and to decide with assurance, it is proper to fully know the details of each funeral service first.

Burial and Cremation Overview:

FuneralBurying the body is the simplest way of “disposing” it. In traditional burial, the body is buried deep in the ground, usually at six feet minimum. In due time, with the help of organisms underneath the ground, both microscopic and macroscopic, the body will be reduced and only the skeletons will remain. It is often buried at memorial parks and is marked with tombstone for identification.

On the other hand, cremation entails burning the body until it is reduced to its basic components: ashes, gases and mineral fragments. The remains will be powder in form and weighs significantly lower than the whole non-cremated body. After cremation, the ashes are usually placed in an urn. This urn can be buried, interred in memorial sites, or retained at the family’s house. Furthermore, the ashes can be scattered at selected location.

Cost of Services and Goods:

Generally, cremation costs less than the traditional burial method. In cremation, the basic package only include the incineration process itself and the urn to use as canister for the remains. The conventional services and visitation can still be observed, but it is usually a smaller event, lowering the cost. Additionally, land space, which is usually bought at memorial parks, can be omitted. Because of these economic benefits of cremation, the pricing has been the single most factor on why burning the intact remains of the dead is steadily gaining popularity.

Burial method, on the other hand, can still be quite inexpensive, but never cheaper than cremation. If one wants his body to be buried but does not want to spend too much money, he can choose a funeral home, which caters to people with relatively low budget. To lessen the costs of burial, you may opt for lessened visitation and services and smaller burial land. You may also choose low-priced materials for caskets, tombstones, and other decorations.

Whether you choose cremation or the conventional way, we are here to help and we can be flexible when it comes to your budget.  We serve people even when they have limited budget while still assuring quality memorial services.

Personal Considerations:

funeral homesHonoring the departed is a special and sensitive event especially for the deceased and his family. Because of this, it is recommended to carefully consider personal beliefs and principles before deciding whether to cremate the body or bury it.

In considering personal opinions, it is important to make a compromise with family members and other loved ones. Of course, the wishes of the deceased should be granted, but do not forget that the family will be the one grieving. Because of this, it is important to get their inputs regarding the funeral method. Some people, especially older ones, are not yet accustomed to the idea of burying the body. Because of this, it is important to explain to them its advantages, and make them aware of your want to be cremated. Otherwise, you may just gratify them of their request to have your body buried.

Lastly, another personal consideration, which involves serious decision-making is the religious or cultural affiliation of the deceased. Each religion and culture has its own way of saying goodbye to its member, and it is only right to observe their customs properly. For example, it is not acceptable for Islam, Orthodox Judaism and the Eastern Orthodox Church to have its members’ bodies cremated.

Moreover, when burying, some also follow certain methods and steps that their beliefs require. When you choose us to give you your final service, you have an assurance that you will be dealing with a knowledgeable team who knows about different customs. We will not accept offers if we are not certain of what we are doing.

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PCB Fabrication needs right type of technical expertise

Huge manufacturing companies no longer have a monopoly on PCB fabrication. This is because anyone who bears the interest can always learn how to create a printed circuit board at home. This is made possible by the proliferation of DIY PCB starter kits that are sold in almost every mall, as well as on the internet. These starter kits often contain all the basic necessities that a hobbyist might need for creating his very own PCB.

However, one thing that every hobbyist has to bear in mind is that before he can start creating the PCB, he has to have a general idea of what type of PCB he would be creating.

There are three general types of PCBs that are out on the market today. These include:

1.Single-sided PCB 

The simplicity of the single-sided PCB’s design means that this is the best type of PCB for beginners on PCB fabrication to create. Not only is this type of PCB very easy to create; it can also be fabricated in lesser time than the other types of PCB. This is also the oldest type of PCB in use, having been in existence since the early 1950s.

pcb fabricationSingle-sided PCBs are often made in such a way that all the components are mounted on one side of the copper substrate, while all the wires that connect each component to each other and to the power source are mounted on the other side. This type of PCB is often used on devices with simple functionalities such as calculators, radio equipment, coffee makers, automotive and industrial relays, and so on.

2.Double-sided PCB 

This type is best for PCB hobbyists who already have previous experience in PCB fabrication. The complexity in this PCB design lies on the fact that there are two copper plates that are stuck on the substrate. These plates are often not connected to each other except through wires that run on holes that are drilled through the plates.

Each copper plate has several components mounted on it. This type of PCB, especially the more advanced double-sided PCB with plated through holes, has made it possible for device manufacturers to increase the complexity and multi-functionality of their devices. This PCB type is often used on devices such as hard drives, converters, amplifiers, various phone systems especially cell phones, and so on.

3.Multi-layer PCB 

This type of PCB is best manufactured in the controlled environment of an industrial facility. This is because this PCB often consists of multiple layers of copper plates and fiberglass substrates. These layers are piled up on top of each other and are stuck together with the use of high temperature presses.

The process for creating the various layers alone could take some time and it also requires a lot of attention to the smallest details of the process. This type of PCB is mostly used on high-level computing devices such as x-ray machines, CAT scan machines, heart monitors, computers, GPS devices, and so on.

Designing the schematic diagram for this type of PCB could also be difficult for DIY PCB hobbyists to do, even if they engage the help of specialized computer programs.

After deciding on the type of PCB to create, hobbyists can now focus on the next step of the PCB fabrication process. This involves creating a schematic diagram that indicates the general layout of the PCB’s components. This can easily be done on a computer, though a lot of hobbyists still prefer the age-old method of drawing the diagram on a graphing paper using a good-old Sharpie.

After polishing the diagram, they can now proceed with the etching process. It is advisable for hobbyists to take extra care when using chemical solutions for etching PCBs since these can cause irreversible effects when it comes into contact with the body.

High quality PCB fabrication , Printed circuit boards and assembly. We ship PCB Prototypes the Same Day! From prototype to production of single, double, and multilayer PC Boards.

How To Have Custom Patches In 3 Steps

Are you tasked to procure the custom patches for your organizations’ uniforms? Or, do you plan to make a personalized design of custom patches and give them away during the family reunion or celebration? Whatever situations you may be in right now, here are the simple three steps you should do to have those custom patches ready.

1. Prepare the design. You could do this by using the 4W’s code

a. W– What is the patch for? If it is for your company, design it in such a way that it would represent your company. The logo or trademark should be there or any symbol that would signify what your company is. Choose the color that matches your company’s logo or theme. As most patches are 3” both in width and height, try to fit the important details in that allotted space without making the patch look so overcrowded. If it is for your personal use or party, stick to the motif or theme of the occasion.

b. W-  Who are the recipients? Create your design in such a way that it would complement the wearer of the patch. If you intend to give it as a gift, would it be appealing to the receiver? If not, your gift may lose its value.

c. W- When do you need the custom patches? Most patch manufacturers require at least 14 days for delivery from the time the order was placed. If you are the sole authority to approve the design, then you know how much time you would need, preferably three weeks in all. However, if there is someone who is higher in position than you who would give the final approval, provide more time for revisions. A month is the minimum, safest time.

d. W – Where would the patch be placed? Would it be on the sleeve, in front of the uniform or on the lapel of the collar? The location would determine the appropriate size for the patch.

custom patchesAs soon as you have the approved design, you may proceed to step 2. However, if you are having difficulty in designing your patch by yourself, there is good news. Most patch manufacturers offer free art design plus revisions, for free. Check if this freebie is being offered and save yourself from stress.

2. Choose the patch manufacturer

Who should you entrust the making of your patches to? This is a vital decision as the patch company could spell the difference between success and failure for your patches. Do your homework and shop around before you commit to any patch manufacturer. Check online and see what other clients say regarding the patch manufacturers.

Here are the things you should look for to ensure that you would have the best patches in town.

a. Integrity of the company

How long has it been in the industry? What are the previous and current clients saying about the company? Who are its clients?

b. Package or promo

Compare and contrast prices, freebies, delivery date, quality, and other important details among the patch companies. Take note that price is not the main issue here. There could be hidden charges. Or, maybe one company’s offer is cheaper because they only have 5 free threads unlike the other one with 9 free thread colors.

Choose carefully the patch company. Then proceed to the last step.

3. Make that call and order

Ordering custom patches has never been easy. Everything could be done online. A sample would be sent to you and once you give your approval, all you need to do is to wait for the delivery. That’s it!

With these three steps, your patches are ready at your disposal.

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The Different Materials and Imprinting Methods of Lanyards

Do you need something that will hold your identification cards, your keys or your USB flash drives? If yes, then you can take advantage of the many uses of a lanyard. It is a piece of cord or strap made of different materials that you can wear around your neck. You can use it to carry or hold small objects such as whistle, ID cards, keys, USB flash drives, MP3 player and cameras.

Where can you See Lanyards

You can see these items almost everywhere. Many people use this type of cord especially in schools, hospitals, trade fairs, offices, businesses, commercial malls, special events, conventions, recreational activities and reunions. You can also see linemen and mountain climbers using these items by wrapping these around their body. However, they need to use the heavy-duty type to ensure their safety. A lanyard is made of different materials.

The Materials of Lanyards

If you are going to use this lanyard to hold your identification card or keys, then make sure to use one, which is made of fabric such as cotton, satin, or silk. This is because it has a flat surface and the manufacturer can print the name of your school or company in it. It becomes more exclusive especially for businesses. The manufacturer can also print the logo of your company or school.

LanyardsThere are other materials that are used for these straps. Among these are braided leather, nylon, polyester, braided par cord, poly twill, and the polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The choice of material depends on how you intend to use the strap. If you plan to use the strap to hold smaller objects, then you can pick one made with a lighter material such as cotton, silk, or satin. If the strap is going to hold a man such as lineman or mountain climber, then the heavy-duty nylon is the best material. The lanyard has different styles and designs too.

The Different Printing Methods of Lanyards

Lanyards are made using different printing methods. The common methods used are the following:

• Hot Stamping

The most popular printing method of lanyard is hot stamping. It is also the most economical and the cheapest printing method. It is limited to only one color. A lanyard that undergoes this printing method is often used in trade shows and special events.

In hot stamping, you use a sublimation paper with a clear film and non-transparent film on its opposite side. The sublimation paper with clear film goes together with white or gray fabric. The paper with non-transparent film goes with other colors. The design is stamped on the clear film or the non-transparent film side of the sublimation paper. Then the design is positioned on the fabric. Both the design and the fabric are then heat pressed.

• Silk Screen

This method is more resilient than hot stamping. With this method, a lanyard can be imprinted on both sides. You will need silkscreen, stencil, paint, and squeegee for this printing method.

• Screen Print

Screen print is one of the most common methods, which allows you to pick from a wide range of available colors.

• Dye-Sublimation

Dye-sublimation is done in the fabric of the lanyard. This makes it more durable. You can also use multiple colors for the design.

• Laser Engraving

In laser engraving method, there is a white print that will be created on the lanyard. A laser is also used to mark the design of the dog tag.

• Embossed

The design is raised from the top of the lanyard in embossed method.

• Sewn-in

This method requires sewing the imprints into the fabric of the lanyard. You can imprint on both sides of the lanyard. However, limited colors are required.

Online Article Writing: Benefits & In-Depth Analysis

Article writing is often regarded by netizens as one of the most powerful tools in generating traffic. Articles, both online and print, are available to everyone. The most dumbfounding fact is that writers can come up with around 600 – 1000 words at any given time of the day. Once the articles are published, that’s where the traffic generation comes in.

Here are 11 benefits writers can get from online article writing:

•It allows people (the readers in particular) to access substantial information for free. The article could probably end up in free eBook downloading sites when they open new viral resources.

•The article becomes a necessary resource to Ezine or eHow publishers, blogs, and social media sites. These platforms are eager enough to accept the writer’s content.

•Writers can submit their articles to Ezine for free publishing. The latter means free ads which helps them attract more readers.

•Writers can reach over thousands of target readers without taking a lot of time, hard work and effort.

•Search engine sites will get their articles and have them placed on top rankings. Search engines often look for fresh, valuable content.

•Writers can upload their articles using auto-responders which allows people to access them anytime. Auto-responders can be downloaded for free.

•98% of article sources can be syndicated into RSS feeds. This absolutely means more traffic.

•Writers don’t need to become a degree holder in English to write articles online. The requirement for them is just to have the willingness in transcribing knowledge into few but concise words.

•Article dispersion is synonymous to viral marketing. This way, articles will be referred to other websites or will be published for a couple of times.

•Online article submission is the quickest way to gain higher PR links which play a crucial role in cropping up hundreds of blogs, forum posts, and directories on a monthly basis.

•They can sign up at online writing sites for free.

Article writing allows them to work at the comforts of home or in the most convenient places around. It helps diminish the pressure, anxiety and stress of working from 9 to 5.

•Writers will be able to find a wide range of sources that they can write about. The more sources they have, the more topics to write!

While most information online is deemed staggering, one can’t deny the fact that not all people are ready to sit down in front of their computer to read. There are still those who prefer the smell of books over the words displayed on the computer screen.

Article Submissions

Article writerSubmissions can either be easy or difficult. Many authors are afraid to upload their material online due to copyright problems they might encounter in the future. Copyright laws that cover web-based activities are difficult to understand since the internet is basically created for the purpose of sharing free information to everyone. Because of this, it’s hard to trace those who are hacking websites or sharing explicit content in social media. Moreover, Plagiarism is a threat when publishing in any medium.


It’s quite hard to earn lots of money from online article writing. Many publications today provide free reading access and rarely charge ad space. Nonetheless, there are still publications that provide subscriptions for their target readers.


Because online article writing is a relatively new field, there are no standards provided in terms of quality yet. This can either be beneficial or not for writers. On the positive side, this gives writers more room for improvement or experimentation. The negative side about this is that usability testing is minimal, hence the articles are accessible only by a few readers.

Now that you’re aware of these perks and facts, are you still planning to be an article writer? Think thoroughly before you decide.

Challenge Coins, not just for Military

You must have heard about stories regarding the early beginnings of challenge coins in the military, and how it became a tradition for soldiers to carry their coin all the time. They need to carry their own coin wherever they go so they will always be ready whenever a member of their group suddenly posed a challenge. The loser usually buys everyone a drink (imagine how much it would cost him if there are around a hundred members in that room). Until now that tradition still exists.

challenge coinsIf you have an organization with lots of members, then you can copy the same tradition with a bit of a twist. Instead of buying everyone a drink, why not make the loser donate a specific amount to help your organization with your projects? You can even add a rule that the last three (or any number) persons who present their coin should also donate a certain amount. That way, you will surely gather enough for your project faster.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are simple, and playing the game can bring the members of the same group closer together.One member from the same group needs to pull out his coin, and loudly declare in a clear voice that there’s a coin check.All the members that belong to the same group, as the one who declared the challenge, must take out and show their challenge coins.

A member who failed to show his coin is obligated to buy a drink for all the members of his group.However, if all the members have their coins with them, then the one who posted the challenge should buy the drinks next.Anyone who refuses to buy drinks (the loser) is sometimes compelled to turn in his coin.

Custom Coins in the Military

The coins in the military are not just for these challenges – the coins are far more important than that. The challenge, among military men, was only created to make certain that each member of a particular group will always carry his coin wherever and whenever.

The US armed forces give challenge coins to all their officers. The coin serves as symbol of fraternity and the affiliation of the owner to the force. Each unit has their own unique design for their coins. Each unit’s coin contains their logo and prayer that are unique to their group. Senior officials are the ones who usually give the coins to the junior members of their respective unit. The coins aim to boost the morale and confidence of the recipients. They also aim to establish a lasting bond among the members, and to always work as a team.

There are officers who trade the coins among fellow officers. The practice could have been the start of custom coin collecting.

Custom Coins Today

Today, more and more people find ways to use the custom coins. Business owners use them to help promote their company as well as their services or products. Some companies also issue limited edition coins to commemorate their achievement, an important anniversary, or the launch of their new branch.

The military coins today have designs and colors that are more complex than the usual to aspire and entice onlookers. The new designs and colors are well received.

Police and fire department have their own custom coins that they give to members of their unit, and they have coins for the citizens who gave valuable help to the community. Recipients of the coins feel honored and special. The coins made the entire community realize the importance of serving a fellow citizen in need.

There are more uses of challenge coins than meets the eye. There are souvenir shops that sell them as mementos for the guests who visited their place. There are couples who use them as giveaways. Many people choose the custom coins because they are more durable and practical.

How Callaway Golf Came to Be

Being able to provide high quality golf equipment to more than 70 countries, Callaway Golf is now the largest golf equipment manufacturing company in the world. However, as with many successes, this company started very small and went through a long journey before becoming how it came to be. In this company’s case, it actually started with a Hickory stick.

In 1981, Ely Reeves Callaway Jr., a successful businessman of his time, decided he’s done with business and should start enjoying his remaining years. At the age of 60, he has sold his winery, gained a $9 million dollar profit. Reminiscing about his younger years when he competed and won several tournaments, he went back to his childhood sports – golf.

Back then, he became very interested in golf clubs made by a certain company – the Hickory stick. He loved the golf clubs very much that he had to call the manufacturers, Richard Parente, Dick de la Cruz, and Tony Manzoni, to express his admiration. At that time, the company that manufactured Hickory sticks was in need of investors. The company’s dwindling funds prompted the owners to ask Callaway for help. In 1982, Ely Callaway bought half of the company for $400,000 and the company was renamed to Callaway Hickory Stick.

The company was so left behind the competition and Callaway started off by personally selling their golf clubs using his own Cadillac. Callaway became the president and CEO of the company in 1983, and then became the sole owner in 1984 for another $400,000. He moved the company to Carlsbad and started to take things to the next level. Together with his head of sales, Bruce Parker, he started increasing the company’s profile and sales.

In 1986, he decided it was time to introduce new products to the market and hired a billiard cue designer, Richard C. Hemsletter, to be his lead club consultant. With Hemsletter, Callaway Hickory Stick became the first golf equipment manufacturing company to use computer-controlled manufacturing machines ensuring them the flattest surface of a putter among all manufacturers.

Four years after he started and with the help of a few more investors, Callaway was able to come up with a new design for a golf club and introduced S2H2 (Short Straight Hollow Hosel). This new golf club were made of irons and had a shorter hosel, hollow shafts, and rounded heel concentrating the weight to clubhead. Golfers loved it so much and their sales increased dramatically. In 1988, the company changed its name to its present name, Callaway Golf. By then, it was more than doubling its sales with Callaway Edge Irons, Wedges, Callaway Persimmon Woods, and of course, S2H2 golf clubs. By 1989, their sales have increased from $4.8 million of the previous year to $10.4 million.

Callaway golfCallaway Golf became a lot more popular in the 1990’s after PGA Tour players began using them. In 1991, still with the help of Richard Hemster and their master tool maker, Glenn Schmidt, they introduced their most phenomenal product – Big Bertha. Big Bertha was a crossbreed design of S2H2 and bore-through shaft. It was made of metal wood, had an over sized clubhead and a thinner face. This made it a whole lot more comfortable to use giving the golfer a better directional control and more distance without needing too much precision on hitting the ball that other golf clubs required. It was named from a World War I cannon used by Germans against Paris and just like the cannon which can hit from six miles away, Big Bertha hit the market with a great impact and soon surpassed the sales of every other golf clubs in USA.

From then, Callaway Golf continued improving their designs and creating new products and kept progressing until they not only became the leading golf equipment manufacturing company in America but also in the international market.

Author Bio:
Callaway golf has been one of golf’s leading manufacturers. By combining new technologies with traditional techniques, Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of.

Important Facts About Storage Containers

Movable storage containers are not just for storing things anymore, you can use them for different purposes. You can use a storage container as an office, as an extra room in your house, or even as a shop. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you want to know more about the metal containers, simply read on.

Different Sizes, Different Purposes

The metal storage comes in different sizes, and you will surely find the size the fits your budget and purpose. The price of the container becomes more expensive as it gets bigger. Most people who only plan to store things usually choose a smaller one; those who want to convert it into a house choose the biggest size.

If you choose to rent a container to store your things, then choose the size that can accommodate all your belongings without wasting space. An unoccupied space in the rented container only means wasted money. When you rent a container, you are actually paying for the space in the container to accommodate your things. An empty area in the container only means you paid for that space without using it.

Also, know that companies that rent out storage containers won’t allow you to make modifications to the container, unless you choose to buy the container. If you become the owner of that container, you have every right to convert it into something that satisfies your needs.

If you intend to use the container temporarily, then it is best to just rent it and refrain from making any alterations.

Important Features of the Container

The metal containers are not all metal inside and out. A container usually has a reinforced base, and its body is usually corrugated steel. You will appreciate the marine wood plank flooring more if you have decided to turn it into an added room outside the house or you’re planning to build a house out of it.

Most metal containers have two swing doors, and an opening at the back. There are containers with doors on the side.
The containers must have proper ventilation and should be well insulated, so you’ll have to check these aspects from time to time.

The containers usually have special walls that help absorb the heat during scorching-hot days. There are metal container owners who added air conditioning to their containers.

The metal storage containers can withstand any type of weather; they can protect the things inside without trouble. They lock out water to make sure that your things won’t get wet in case there’s a sudden downpour.

Storage containerMost metal containers are used shipping containers that providers fixed and brought back in shape to serve other purpose. The providers make sure that your container will arrive in great shape to your assigned destination. In case you notice something is off, immediately notify the provider where you got your container.

Most containers have a security box that might just serve as the best form of security you need.

Different container providers offer different prices. It is advisable to check the units to see if the company has the ability to maintain their units properly. If you see that there are a number of defective units, it is advisable to excuse yourself and look somewhere else. You can’t be certain that the unit that you have chosen would be the one to get delivered. It is also advisable to check the unit upon delivery.

You also need to find out whether there will be additional charges that you need to pay when the unit is delivered. Clear everything that you need to clarify before sealing the deal.

The storage containers can help you in many ways. It is up to you to decide on how to make them work for you for a long time and for whatever purpose.

What’s In a STAR?

It’s always a property owner’s dream to be eligible for real estate tax exemptions. The Nassau County real estate owners can be a part of the exemptions the State of New York has to offer for qualified groups and individuals. One of the most outstanding exemptions is the STAR. Are you part of this group?

The STAR Exemption gives partial exemption on owner-occupied primary residences in New York State from school property taxes. This is the New York State Under the School Tax Relief (STAR) program and its basic program exempts all qualified homeowners regardless of their income or age.

propertyThe Enhanced Star Exemption program gives special attention to homeowners who have reached their senior citizen standing. If you are 65 years old or above with an annual income not exceeding $73,000, then you are eligible for STAR Exemption on the year the exemption takes its effect. Moreover, if your annual income does exceed the $73,000 requirement, you don’t have to worry because you are still eligible the Basic STAR Exemption. Your income limit doesn’t have to hit $73,000 on a yearly basis. For the Enhanced STAR Program, your annual cost-of-living adjustments will be utilized in your income limit. You can always check your income limit each year and see if you are qualified for the Enhanced STAR.

If you just received your Senior Citizen’s Property Tax Exemption, you also qualify for the Enhanced STAR Exemption. Low-income senior citizens who currently received their exemption have an automatic qualification for the Enhanced STAR Exemption.

Homeowners who are non-seniors or senior citizens with a combined annual income which exceeds $73,000 should file for the Basic STAR Exemption at the Nassau County Department of Assessment. As a general rule, owners who were already granted the Basic STAR need not reapply in the succeeding years. You must reapply only when a new deed is filed on your property. It is imperative that you send a written notification to the Nassau County assessor within 60 days of the date of any change in your primary residence or deed.

If you got approved for the Enhanced STAR Exemption, you must re-file annually. Automatically, you will be sent a renewal application every year which you must file at the start of the year. Renewal filing falls on January 2 so you should be prepared for each New Year. Obtain and file your application at Nassau County Department of Assessment at Mineola, New York or download the application online. Applications for the STAR Exemptions are accepted throughout the year but they should always be filed on January 2 for the approaching school tax year.

For the filing of the Enhanced Star Exemption, you must give a satisfactory proof of your age. Present documents such as birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, immigration document, or military document. For the exemption to take effect, you should be 65 years old by the 31st of December. If the property is co-owned by a couple or by siblings, at least one of the resident owners should be 65 years of age or older. Property owners who are applying for the Basic STAR need not supply supporting documents as proof of age.

False application by misinterpreting age, income, or residence is subject to a penalty of $100 and prohibition from STAR Exemption for five years. You may also be subjected to criminal prosecution and return three years of tax savings.

Do you file for the New York State Income Tax Return every year? You actually have the option of income verification for exemption by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Based on your financial eligibility, you’ll be automatically renewed every year once you choose to validate your income.

How do you define income for the STAR Exemptions? Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income minus any taxable IRA distribution is your income for the Enhanced STAR Exemption. The resulting amount should be your income and should not exceed $73,000. You must attach all copies of your State Income Tax Returns or proof of all taxable income such pensions or dividends when you file for Enhanced STAR. If your property is placed in a trust, you’ll be granted STAR Exemptions if all beneficiaries are qualified.

In terms of tax dollars, how will you know the worth of your STAR Exemptions? And does it apply to all your property taxes? Your school tax bill will simply affirm the amount of your STAR Exemption, including your tax savings. The exemption, however, does not apply to all taxes on your property. STAR is only qualified for school district taxes and not available to library taxes.

How will you know if your property is eligible for an exemption? For either the Basic STAR or Enhanced STAR Exemption, an eligible person should live and be the owner of a one to three-family residential home, a condominium, a farm house, a mobile home, a cooperative apartment, or use of multiple properties in which a portion of it is used as the owner’s primary residence.

What qualifies as the owner’s primary residence? It is difficult to pinpoint a specific factor to determine if a certain property is your primary residence. For relevance’s sake though, assessors take in factors such as vehicle registration, voting registration, or residency period on the property as verifications. It is also possible that after STAR exemption has been granted to you, they will verify the said property as your primary dwelling by requesting a proof of residence.

Unfortunately, if you own more than one residential property, you cannot be qualified for the STAR Exemption. It can only be applied to a single primary residence. If you purchase a new primary residence, you must apply for a new exemption because STAR Exemptions are non-transferable.

Exemptions give us considerable relief, budget-wise. The Nassau County offers several more exemptions if you are not qualified for the STAR program. The trick is matching your homeowner qualifications with them. Find your home with us and we’ll help you discover your perfect match.

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The Basics of Safety Talks

Workplace incidents are likely to occur because people forget to follow safety procedures, especially since it’s always important to get the job done on time. Well, this is where safety talks come in.

safety TalksSafety talks are hands-on events held for workers, serving as a reminder for them that safety is an essential factor in getting the job done. Giving this kind of talk will reinforce safety knowledge among workers, making sure that every task is done the right way. Ideally, the result is a much safer working environment.

It is important that your safety talks are effective so that workers will be able to adopt the tactics learned from the talks, and use them while they are on the field. An approach is followed to attain a successful talk. This approach is divided into three parts, and they are:

Part I: Planning the talk.

Careful planning is needed to make things organized. It’s also crucial in keeping the entire discussion informative. Here are the steps in planning:

1.Set a schedule for the talk. It is recommended that a meeting is held once a month. It’s also necessary to specific both time and date, so that the schedule will be consistent.

2.Assign the topic that will be discussed for every schedule. This is important to help you prepare the things you will need ahead of time.

3.Prepare your agenda in advance. This will serve as a reminder for your attendees that a meeting will be held soon.

4.Assign members who will cover a certain topic. This will encourage involvement among the participants in the talk.

Part II: Conducting the talk.

Once all the preparations are done, you can finally conduct the talk; if you follow these steps, things will surely go smoothly:

1.Look for a place that is away from noise or any form of distraction. This is important so that your listeners will be able to focus on the session.

2.Assign someone who will take down notes and tackle other important matters during the talk.

3.Provide handouts to your attendees.

4.Allow interactions like asking questions, giving comments, and providing suggestions that will help achieve the talk’s goal, which is to remind people of safety practices that should be followed while working. You can also let them tell their personal working experiences and how they manage to stay safe at work.

5.Keep the talk alive. A 10-minute session is enough to educate the workers about safety management. If you keep the talk going for a longer time, your listeners will lose interest in whatever it is you’re trying to convey.

Part III: Final Assessment.

Final assessment includes your self-evaluation on delivering the talk.

1.Find out whether you were able to provide techniques that helped the participants understand the talk, and if they will be able to apply the concepts they have learned.

2.To be able to evaluate your effectiveness as a speaker, observe your attendees during their working routine and see if they were able to comply with the safety precautions you have discussed.

You must remember that as the speaker, you will be the one to set the mood of the talk. If you will present it in a serious tone, your listeners will also do the same. Speak with the right attitude. Let your attendees feel that safety talks are effective means of providing information about safety, and how important it is to finish a task quickly without sacrificing anything. Simply put, these discussions should serve as a tool to change each worker’s mindset when it comes to following safety precautions.

Top Four Reasons Why Shoppers Prefer Live Chat Services

chatIf your website offers various options for your customers to contact you – email, phone call, and chat – you will find out upon inspecting your records and plotting the results that most shoppers prefer live chat. This medium also proves to be the most effective in converting your site’s visitors into loyal clients and in increasing your sales. This is why most sites nowadays are deploying chat widgets since this has become a defining tool in improving customer service which in turn makes a business stand out from its competitors.

You might be wondering why shoppers prefer chatting with you or your agents when they can just as easily pick up the phone and call you. Besides, contacting you by email or phone has seemed to work years ago when chat tools were non-existent, so why is it making a great impact now? The reasons are as follows.

Chat services provide speedy responses

Shoppers hate it when they have a simple question to ask about a product and yet have to wait for days to get their answers when they course their queries through email or if they have to pay long distances charges just to talk to you on the phone. With live chats, they only have to click that widget that appears usually at the bottom of the screen and in less than a minute they will soon be getting the answer that they need. It also helps that live chat support is available 24/7 so even if they do their shopping at the wee hours of the morning or on Sundays they can be assured to get their questions answered.

Chat services are free

As mentioned, phone calls can be expensive. A business that is located in one country will have a problem connecting with and winning clients from other countries if their only line of communication is through phone. A live chat tool, on the other hand, is free and it is there always ready to be used.

Chat services allow them to engage in conversations

Another thing shoppers do not like is the feeling that they are talking to a robot, which is usually their impression when they are corresponding through emails. The usual responses that they get through emails are templates that are sent to every other customer. Some emails even fail to address the customers by their first names, which really make them fail at engaging with potential buyers. A live chat experience is very different. Here, shoppers can feel like they are getting specialized service because their concerns are directly being resolved. They are also given the chance to add follow up questions regarding their concerns right away and knowing that they are heard certainly makes them feel like they are valued and important.

Chat services provide the best form of customer assistance

Due to the real-time service of live chats, shoppers are getting the assistance that they need right away and in the most efficient manner. Take for example a shopper who is having a hard time navigating the website. If he gets the instruction through email, there is a chance that he may not understand a certain step and that will prevent him from proceeding. While with a live chat, the agent can efficiently assist the shopper through every step and ensure that these steps are done correctly. The agent can accurately describe where the buttons are located or which tabs to hit. This scenario is very true with senior customers who are not very adept at shopping online.

For these reasons, live chats are certainly proving their effectiveness in winning shoppers’ approval and loyalty. If you do not have it on your website yet, it is time that you give it some serious thought or else you will be left behind by your competitors.